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By Law, as of December the 13th 2014, we have a legal responsibility to inform our Customers of any Allergens contained within the individual dishes we produce 

As Recommended by the local Environmental Health Officer it would now appear unwise to print Allergens per dish, but to compile an “Allergen Folder” held within the premises that anyone suffering from allergies can request to ensure our dishes do not include anything harmful. In addition, you may request to speak to one of our Chefs if you are unsure

If you do not ask for assistance by requesting either of the above options and you suffer an allergic reaction, the Bolton Arms will not be held responsible for the resultant outcome

In addition, we have to include a Disclaimer (owing to age of our building and resultant restrictive Preparation Area) that Cross Contamination may occur. There has not been a case of Cross Contamination within the Bolton Arms during the last 11 years – but Litigious times demand Caveats !

In addition, we have (February 2019) just achieved a 5* (the highest level) for the 11th Year in a Row from the Environmental Office in terms of Food Handling and Management Systems – the only outlet in Old Basing to do so. Plus, The Local Trading Standards Officer has recognised us as a “Compliant Outlet” (February 2019) in terms of how we manage Allergenic Information from receipt of ingredients to table delivery, as reported on page 58 of The Basingstoke Gazette (bottom RH corner) 24th February 2019

We serve a host of people on a weekly basis with Allergenic conditions, but remember, the onus for ensuring what you eat is your responsibilty – not ours 

Thank you 

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