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What do they get?

They get the entire Richard Mille Replica Watches story, beyond our marketing. You won't get any attention if you tell the same story to everyone when you go to market. It's important to have something that makes people stop - many will think "That's crazy, go away!" But others will think "This is awesome!" The best thing about Richard Mille Replica Watches is its integrity and authority, which is why it is a wonderful company to be a part. Everybody has the right to return the watch, but we have not received any.

This form of marketing is not common in the watch industry. What was the reaction of people to this referral method?

At first, I felt like no one cared much about what I was doing. It was a surprise to me when people began getting upset that they couldn’t buy an M100. This has been a learning experience for me, as my sole intention was to create a beautiful watch. Because I didn't have the resources to market the brand, I gave the chance to the buyers to own it.Replica Richard Mille Watches It seems that many people believe that if they have enough money they should be able to do whatever they like.

It wasn't meant to be exclusive, but rather the exact opposite. We wanted to do something that would charm people. It wasn't about asking for money. It was about creating a community, allowing people talk to one another and sharing experiences. This is something that we plan to continue expanding in 2018, with owners' events. Richard Mille Replica Watches is home to a diverse group of people, including lawyers, doctors, soldiers, musicians, scientists, teachers and scientists. They all arrived at Richard Mille Replica Watches because they shared a common understanding.

The watch is very popular, despite being a British tale.

That is so sweet. Because I don't have enough money, I haven't promoted it elsewhere. People have heard about the story and want a piece of it. About 70% of owners live in the UK, while 20% are in the USA. The rest of the world is home to the remaining 20%.

The Richard Mille Replica Watches M100 is fitted to a nylon NATO strap

Richard Mille Replica Watches M100 Caseback

As you may know, M100 is owned by two Revolution editors in the UK and one Hong Kong.

It is flattering, and even more since they seem to like the watches. Revolution's editors are highly respected by me so I am thrilled that they have become Richard Mille Replica Watches owners.Mido Replica They did not come to me because they had read each other's articles or discussed it. Both of them came separately, and it makes me feel that I am doing things right.