Please click on the link below for Bolton Arms Risk Assesment

The Bolton Arms COVID19 Risk Assessment

For clarity, a Facemask must cover both your mouth and nose at all times

Opening hours for Takeaways :

Monday – Satuday 5p to 8 pm

Sundays 12pm to 4pm

Staff will wear Facemasks at all times during the hours of Service ;

Customers to wear Facemasks when entering the Premises up to and including being seated at their allocated Table and, going to and from the Toilets ;

Customers will be served at their Tables and not at the Bar ;

Customers are not allowed to be on the Premises after 10.00 pm (for whatever reason)

People who do not follow the above Restrictions will be asked to leave the Premises immediately

Thank you for your understanding and, hopefully, we can can work together to our mutual future benefit and enjoyment

PS We acknowledge there are exceptions to above Facemask Rules such as Children and people with specific Medical Conditions, but please advise us of such exceptions when booking your Table

Our Takeaway and Delivery Service for the Elderly and Vulnerable continues…

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to change the way our facility is managed, as follows :-

Entry to the building, gardens and decking will be the normal garden entrance ;
a Table Plan will be on display detailing table layout throughout the property ;
a One Way system will be in operation and clearly marked ;
please make your way directly to your table where one of our Staff will take your order ;
there will be no service at the Bar – drinks will be brought to your table ;
Cleaning Schedules have been increased to ensure you will be sat at a freshly cleaned table
hand sanitiser units have been placed throughout the building for your use ;
please wash your hands thoroughly whenever possible ;
where our credit card machines are limited in distance, you may be asked to move closer to the building when payment arrives ;
Pre-bookings will be given priority over people who have not booked

To ensure everyone maintains a minimum 1 metre social distance (where possible), please follow the signs if you need to go to the toilet

It is not mandatory that you wear facial protection, however, you can do so if you prefer. You will be expected to remove your face mask if requested by the Staff to, say, confirm your age

As usual, dogs will be allowed into the pub garden if they are well behaved, quiet and kept on a lead. Children are welcome to sit In the garden or InnBetween area but they are your responsibility and must remain at the table throughout your visit

Please adhere to these rules in order to keep yourselves and others safe. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in you being asked to leave the premises

Finally, we look forward to welcoming you to the Bolton Arms