New Year’s Eve Menu

New Year’s Eve

 Рby invitation only

 Adrian Gill will be coming out of retirement to entertain us to the wee small hours, which is thoroughly appreciated by Mikki, Emily and I. He has been the Star of Hogmanay since we opened in 2008 and this will be his last ever performance

Demand for the evening is very high and, therefore, we have opted to limit the number of people on the night and, to ensure our regulars have first refusal, we have decided to the make the evening by Invitation Only

Emily will be serving her superb Celebration Buffet (Dressed whole Salmon, Honey Glazed Gammon, Mustard Crust Topside of Beef, plus, other delicious platters), which I am sure will be enjoyed by all

Thank you for all your support throughout the year and, we look forward to a wonderful 2020 !

Cheers, Duncan, Mikki, Emily and all the Staff